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Paid Ads

Utlilize the largest platforms in the world to guide customers to your website. With Google PPC Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads you can get maximum brand visibility and get targeted warm leads to convert.

Our process

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Strategy creation

After the strategy call we start creating an advertisement strategy for your brand. Ads that get in front of people precisely at the moment they are most likely to purchase. We accurately pinpoint when your ideal client is most likely to shop for something or visit your website. These platforms will show ads to those people at their prime time. On the other hand, with extensive research, you can position your service/product right in front of your target audience.


Get seen

We create assets that are guaranteed to be seen. These platforms will show your posts to the same people who have already shown interest in similar content by scanning their behavior, such as who they like and post. This strategy creates awareness and is very cost-effective. Alternatively, using certain platforms our team can leverage a combination of different ad platforms to reach your target audiences.

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Creative content creation

Creation of engaging content that will resonate with target audiences is the key to success. Our team of expert graphic designers, copywriters and advertising specialists can work collaboratively in order to create the most engaging content in order to generate a solid CTR, while reducing your CPA and subsequently leading to high conversion rates.


Real-time data reporting

Setting KPI’s and goals and relying on data is one of the most important aspects. Our team will send bi-weekly reports so that you can monitor your businesses growth.


Find out your potential growth with us

We make profit when you make profit.

We offer an unique Return On Ad Spend correlating pricing structure where part of the compensation is fully dependent on the return we generate for your business. As a result we are beyond driven to generate maximum revenue for your business. Your particular needs and capacity also affect the pricing.

Book a free call with us so we can discover the most profitable solution for you.

Welcome to schedule a free strategy call with our team

This is a free and non-comittal strategy call with Sengine Agency. In this call we will elaborate on how we can maximize the growth of your business, sales and ROI through our tailored digital marketing solutions that we could implement for your business. Locate a time-slot that would suit your calendar and lock it in. We’re looking forward to talking to you.

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